Project Wildbird
Photo courtesy of Roger Mayhorn, Pilgrim's Knob, VADo you really know what the birds in your backyard eat?
Wild birds like different bird seed just as people like different foods. Birds' physical structure determines what kind of bird feeders they can use.
Whether you are  new to the hobby or you've been feeding wild birds for a while, you're in the right place to get the science-based answers you need in order to be successful.
                           Answers with the click of your mouse!
Instant answers through our FREE query tool answer your questions about what bird seed and bird feeders work the best to attract the types of wild birds you want to see in your yard.
  • Search black oil sunflower and other bird seeds to learn what birds eat.
  • Search finch to learn what bird seed this wild bird name likes to eat.
  • Search tube feeder to learn what wild bird name will eat from this popular bird feeder style.
                                   The #2 hobby: Wild Bird Feeding
Feeding and observing wild birds including the finch is the #2 hobby (gardening is the #1 hobby). Learn what you need to do to enjoy your hobby more by attracting the birds you want to see at your bird feeders. We give you answers you need to feed more wild birds and attract the bird species you want to see at your bird feeders. 
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